My first Wollmeise

Sooo ... I found this Wollmeise yarn last time when I was in Vienna. It became a shawl.

My first Wollmeise shawl

I so love the colors!




The Bananas shawl has been online for a few days now. It is an easy crochet shawl pattern. I utterly enjoyed making mine.

The Bananas Shawl


Crows and such

This post is part of the series "Other things to do than knitting".

1. Studying the language of the crows. Crows are very social beings.

The language of the crows

2. Following the light. Always good in winter.

Fallen leaves in sunlight

3. Be astonished. A wonderful thing to do when everybody seems to have explanations for everything. 


The world is full of beauty.


Over and over

One of the patterns that I enjoy crocheting again and again is the Drei cowl. Although easy to do, it never gets boring. I made two more of them recently.

Crochet cowl pattern "Drei"

But actually I have not been crafting much lately. Too much to discover elsewhere.

Mistletoes on bare trees in December



We had a photo shoot in Vienna when I was there last time. May I introduce my beautiful daughter? It was fun trying to find locations for staging the knits.

Here is a selection:

Lollipop Cowl - a knitting pattern for fingering weight yarn

This is the Lollipop Cowl

The Poppy Scarf got a new picture as well: 

Flower lace scarf knitting pattern - "Poppy Scarf"

 I love this one of the Garter Cloud pattern:

Shawl knitting pattern

All of these are older patterns. 
My daughter loved this one so much that I had to write a pattern for the socks. They are called the Vienna Socks. Just released today.

Easy and relaxing sock knitting pattern "Vienna Socks"



Noli me tangere

I meant to write about this for quite some time. Alas, I lost my words. 
The Damian shawl pattern was released last month already.  There has been a huge response - thank you to all of you who left comments on the pattern page, sent me messages or emails. I hope I replied to everybody. 
You will also find the story behind there, and if you read on, you will find a coupon code to get the pattern for free. May it bring you peaceful hours.

Damian - free shawl knitting pattern