What's new: new patterns and a Ravelry group

It has been a while. A lot has changed, and life has kept me busy. However, I am still knitting. I spent the last two years preparing for a new life, a life without a day job. My dream came true a few months ago.
You may notice, I won't write in two languages anymore. Please use the translate button on the right side.
A lot of new patterns got added to my pattern store over the last two years. See them here if interested. My friend Karen (who is a wonderful knitter and a great designer) and I also started a Ravelry group, the Knitting Sofa. We've got some KALs going on, and members always get informed about discounts and free patterns first. We'd be happy to see you there!
One KAL that is real fun is the Temperature Scarf KAL. We knit two rows every day in a color that represents the temperature of that day. You will notice, it has been a very warm January here.

temperature scarf kal free pattern

But my greatest pleasure over the last months was and still is nature. This is the one source of power and peace that always works when everything else fails. The mountains, the forest, the river, each and every small flower and my friends the squirrels of course. 

squirrel sitting by the tree with a nut

(Lousy picture, I know)
I hope to keep you updated more often now!

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