Why do you knit?

When I look back in time and how it all started, I remember a very early passion for all kinds of crafts. It was my grandmother who taught me to crochet at the age of 3 or 4 (I can't remember exactly), and my mother taught me to knit one year later. 
I have to say that it came easy to me. There was no Internet at that time, no YouTube. All I know now came from my mother and grandmother. Of course sometimes you learn a new stitch or find a new way how to do things, but the basics were settled at a very early age. I remember reading charts before I read books. They made total sense to me, as they pictured what the knitted piece should look like.
What we had were craft magazines. A pattern usually was half a page of written instructions, charts and possibly schematics if it was a garment. Besides I was eager to create things of my own.
This passion for crafts has been with me for as long as I can think. There have been breaks of course, there have been times in my life when crafting wasn't as important. When I made my steps into adult life, there were a lot of things that I considered more important than yarn. But somehow I always returned to it. A life without crafts would be a life where there is something missing for me. 

Why do you knit?

I know I'm not the only one. There are others out there who share my passion. You do. The way it came to you may have been different. What you want to achieve with it may be different. But the passion is the same. And there are reasons why we do it. I'll tell you mine.
  •  I love to see something grow in my hands. I am creating something pretty or useful or both. Knitting and crocheting makes me feel content, because I get something accomplished.
  • It is relaxing. When I knit, I am in peace with myself. Whatever happens out there, knitting helps. It does not make ugly things go away, but it gives me peace of mind. Some people say it is a kind of meditation.
  • I get compliments. Yeah, I love getting compliments!
The most important factor is probably the one when it comes to relaxing. 
I could grow tomatoes for example. That would be pretty and useful too. I could watch them grow and feel accomplished. But, well, that's not me, and it is not relaxing when the hailstorm hits.
There are other ways to get compliments. Go ask your mother. But, well, they are not relaxing.
Certainly there are other ways to find peace as well. But, well, knitting, that's me.

(Picture taken from the Have a Seat Please shawl pattern)


  1. You sum it up perfectly for me - exactly the same reasons why I knit. In fact, without knitting I am not a very nice person to know because I become so stressed and grumpy. Knitting makes that much difference.

    1. Indeed, when I knit, I am nicer than when I don't :-)


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