Knitting in times of mourning

Life has been busy again, unfortunately filled with unpleasant happenings. We had a funeral last week, and the person who we buried was someone very close to my heart. It did not come unexpected, but still it was a shock.
Knitting and even more pattern writing has been on a hold for the most part. What I found a huge relief was knitting plain and simple things - garter stitch, very simple hats.  

What to knit when times are difficult

One of these hats takes 3 hours to knit. And below you can see a garter stitch shawl which is done with short rows.

Another one that I knitted was the Lacy Diamonds Hat.  This is one of my all time fravorites. I think I could knit them by heart in the meantime because I made so many of them already. 

Lace hat knitting pattern "Lacy Diamonds Hat"

Whatever happens in life, knitting helps.
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