My favorite shawl knitting pattern - free for a limited time

If you ask me which of my shawl patterns is my favorite, the answer is clear. It is the Not Another Drop Stitch Shawl pattern. It does not look like much - no intricate lace, no special stitches, nothing that would make you win a prize in the contest about the most complicated shawl. But I love it! It is the one that I would pick for my best friend. 
It is cuddly and soft, it is wearable, and it is so much fun t knit! You can knit it in any yarn, you can knit it to any size and just stop whenever you think it is enough. 

Get it for free now! Use coupon code summer at checkout  and get your free copy. This offer will end when I've got my next blog post up. Happy knitting!

Free for a limited time - shawl knitting pattern

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