Fisherman's Rib

One of my favorite stitch patterns in knitting is Fisherman's Rib (or Shaker Rib). 

It is a simple brioche pattern, easy although a bit more challenging than a simple knit/purl rib, and creates a very soft reversible fabric. I used it for a shawl that I recently completed.

Brioche shawl with crochet border  using the Fisherman's Rib stitch pattern

 But how is it done? Very simple!

Fisherman's Rib or Shaker Rib tutorial
Work row 1 in knit 1/purl 1 ribbing. In all following rows work the knit stitches in the stitch below as shown in the pictures above.

  1. Insert right hand needle in stitch below the following stitch on left hand needle.
  2. Knit the stitch, dropping the stitch off left hand needle.
  3. This is what it looks like when you have knitted it.

That's it, easy-peasy.

For anyone interested: The tutorial is taken from my Alize Wrap pattern.

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