Home is a feeling. Home is the place where you belong. It can be your house and garden, it can be a region, it can be friends and family, it can be sounds and scents. 

The spruce tree - home is a feeling

For me home is located in the national territory of Austria, but has nothing to do with national borders. Home is swarms of swallows arriving in spring and leaving in late summer, home is forests and rivers and mountains, lakes, woodpeckers, deer, squirrels. Home is the place where I got my first kiss, which - to be honest - was an awful experience. Briefly speaking it is the place where I have my roots. 
I did spend time abroad - there are a lot of other beautiful places in the world - but here is where I intend to stay for the rest of my life. 
Besides having a place that I call home, I always felt European. And beyond that, I always felt cosmopolitan. There is no such thing as Austria first, Germany first, America first or Great Britain first. Planet first maybe. 
There are some tendencies nowadays that don't go well with my beliefs. Important men and women (more men than women, but that may be coincidence), elected or not elected, telling us that outside our national borders there is apparent danger in the form of illegals. Illegals meaning people who have lost their roots. This is not an Austrian phenomenon, although happening here as well. It is a phenomenon that is going on in those countries that never get tired to praise their own values, whatever these may be, implying that people who have lost their roots don't have values. The wording is perfidious and has nothing to do with my values. It may even be vice versa, they lost their roots because of our values. Borders that had disappeared for decades are being reinstalled in less than no time under the pretext that our values are in danger. 
Going back to the beginning, home has nothing to do with borders. Please stop telling me that protecting borders and fighting against illegals will protect my home. Closing borders only makes home a narrow place. Fighting against climate change would protect my home. My home is not my castle, my home is the place where I want to have room to breathe. 

(If you are wondering about the picture: It shows a spruce branch. Spruce trees are currently endangered by bark beetles.)

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