Eternal love

I found this impressing tree on my latest hike. It must have been an impressing tree 44 years ago already. Young lovers often feel the need to confirm their love and put a visual sign somewhere, like love locks on bridges. The world needs to know, and more than that, finding someone who bears with you is the most wonderful feeling. 

Eternal love

Back in 1974, every boy and every young man had a pocketknife, those all purpose knives that could do a lot more things than simply cut things into pieces. A romantic picnic in the forest and that darn bottle of wine does not open? Good to have a young man with a pocketknife by your side! I guess you get the necessity of such important tools.
Those knives could also be used to cut names into trees, often with a heart around and the year. I don't see them so often nowadays, it seems to be a tradition of the past.
However, I hope those young people of almost half a century ago are still together, aged in love for each other. In my imagination they are, and that's a heartwarming thought.

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